Coaches Corner

Blackhawk Coaching Staff:coaches

Head Coach – Ryan Gerber


Asst Coaches – Abe Graziano, Ryder Hebbe, Weston Klink, Matt Majors

Volunteer Assts – Ned Healy, Rich Stine, Rob Stine, Kyle Young

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Showering after each practice is a must. With the constant threat of skin rashes and infections, the best way to stave off issues is good personal hygiene. In addition to showering, be sure to wash your clothes. Items that cause skin irritations can survive within your clothes. We do have laundry services at school so use them or take them home! It wouldn’t be a bad idea to also wash your head gear periodically throughout the season.

Eating habits are also crucial. Many people see wrestlers as those people starving and under nourished during the winter season. Top wrestlers are those wrestlers that are able to find a comfortable weight class and sustain their weight through healthy eating habits. Make sure that you continue to eat and are able to fill your recommended daily nutrients throughout the season. Success depends on being able to compete at high levels and being strong in the 3rd period; all of which depends on a healthy body.

Grades are the final component. Academic standing is the crux of being able to compete in high school athletics. Without maintaining appropriate grades, wrestlers may not practice or compete. To reach our goals as a team, we will need everyone, which means that all team members must keep up with their grades. See coach if you are struggling in class so that we can get you help before it’s too late!